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Desk Lamp : Weights Of The Light  2013

A desk lamp that delivers whole new interaction by materializing the light.

Intangible To Tangible

Light is one of the intangible matter that does not exist in tangible form. In terms of science light can be perceived as waves or particles. So, I was imagining what if we can materialize light, and what kind of interesting interaction I could apply to the lamp?







My inspiration of the desk lamp came from the balance scale, a mass measuring instrument, because it has a strong visual language that indicates a relationship of two different objects in terms of weights.






"Weightify Light"

Weights of The Light

There are four weights with engraved luminance unit (called LUX). It symbolize that different amount of light is captured inside the each weight.











Weight Translate To Light

As user put the weights on the tail pan, the lamp light get brighter while it raise the head. Also, the blue accent color cord gives hint of playfulness to people.













Precise Amount Of The Light

Each weights contains certain amount of the light, and it can be mix weighted for certain use.


30 - 70 lux       =  night light

100 - 250 lux   =  mood light

400 - 500 lux  =  office desk light