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Project GEM

A Whole New Mobile Device  2020

Project GEM is about creating new perspective and experience on mobile device.

Its radical formfactor is a strong manifesto of tech-life balance that refocusing our behaviors on what matters. 

In order to deliver unique experience, we've designed whole ecosystem of GEM by creating charging dock, case with accessories, and packaging.

Head of Design: Clement Puertolas

Sr Industrial Designer: Kevin Hoffman

Industrial Designer: Jay Kim








GEM is the new category of mobile device that is more portable than a smartphone and more capable than a smartwatch.

The potential target audience could be for the people who want to reclaim their time by taking GEM for a travel, dinner. It helps people to get away from endless scrolling or messages from work. So, it is basically a strong manifesto of tech and life balance that refocusing our behaviors on what matters to our life.









lots of sketches with this radical form factor, with upcoming high-tech such as camera under display, foldable display, new manufacturing process, 3D glass, treatment of I/O, and even no usb port for true wireless connectivity.








Explore different proportions and profiles to evaluate how it feels in hand and reachability to screen corners.








Cosmetic Models

We picked designs we liked the most to build hi-quality cosmetic models which gives a very accurate design gesture. Because of the actual materials, texture, finish, and even weights.

we explore different layouts of camera, flash light, and mic. Also, if camera bump is inevitable, how can we sculpt and translate it to aesthetics,  or embrace its protrusion in an elegant way.








GEM Vision 

We picked models which have best proportion and other details such as a camera bump and profile gestures. So this was a great way to pursue GEM design intent to all leaderships of teams, especially to challenge the ENG team to follow overall design intent.