Project GEM

A Whole New Mobile Device  2020

Project GEM is about creating new perspective and experience on mobile device.

Its radical formfactor is a strong manifesto of tech-life balance that refocusing our behaviors on what matters. 

In order to deliver unique experience, we've designed whole ecosystem of GEM by creating charging dock, case with accessories, and packaging.

Head of Design: Clement Puertolas

Sr Industrial Designer: Kevin Hoffman

Industrial Designer: Jay Kim








GEM is the new category of mobile device that is more portable than a smartphone and more capable than a smartwatch.








GEM Concepts

Concepts ideas that projects future mobiles within upcoming high-tech such as manufacturing, materials, and I/O.








Exploring different proportions and profiles to evaluate the feels in hand and reachability to every screen corners.








Cosmetic Models

with its actual materials and weights of the models, it offers realistic and detail design intents. 








GEM Vision 

We picked models which have best proportion and other details such as a camera bump and profile. 








Materials and Manufacturing Processes 

Engineering team has been searching for innovative materials along with manufacturers. We've evaluated various types of materials to find one that has great aesthetics,

feel, strong mechanical properties, RF transparency, and new applications of colors and finishes. 








Final GEM Design

World-first glass unibody mobile device with stunning CMF. 






Charging Dock 
Domestic Tech

It's a small sculptural form that complements the home interior.

Soft over-mold holds GEM nicely and creating nice contrast with highly reflective GEM.








More Than a Charger

When GEM sits on it, it creates new experience.









Various form studies, and ideas of adding interesting UX of charging. 








High-Level Architectures

Explore different types of architectures with pro and cons. 








First Prototypes 

Evaluate how it looks on the table, and especially the user experience of charging.








Secondary Prototypes 

Exploring different form and functionalities within selected architectures. 

Also, lots of detail refinements such as sitting angle, length of a support lip, and overall shapes. 








Angle Study

Finding optimal viewing angle for bedside table and also on the desk. 








Only for GEM  vs.  For Both

It was a big questions for ID, Marketing, Sales, and Engineering. 

Only for GEM is simpler and no visible parting line, but it only dedicated to GEM.

For Both is keeping small formfactor and accommodating GEM and typical smartphone, but requires 3 coils, and potential mechanical issues.









First of all, a receiving coil in GEM is not centered because of the FPS, therefore it requires two charging coils to charge in both directions

Also, width of the dock is constrained in order to have GEM in center without conflicting with the camera bump.