Smart Doorbell


Smart Home Brand : Geeni by Merkury Innovations  2018

Fully in charged of designing two different models of smart doorbells for various retailers such as Wal-mart and Home Depot. 

Merkury Innovations:

Competitor ​Analysis

First of all, starting with an in-depth market research to get better understanding of competitors' products in terms of dimension, video recording storage, hard-wired or battery powered, and other special features they have. Also, we addressed few problems and found design opportunities after testing actual doorbells and reading through customer reviews. 

• Narrowness of Front Door Frame


• Mis-clicks of Doorbell Button:


• the monthly Subscription fee for cloud service is too expensive.













Architectures & Forms

Based on those opportunity points, I explore basic forms and proportions from 2D to 3D. And then moved forward with tapered pill architecture, because the form was unique to differentiate other doorbells, and overall form visually looks smaller and narrower. 











Details & Layouts

After architecture design is locked, I shared the design intents with engineers and got clear understanding of constraints of sensors, which are Camera, mic, motion detector, Infrared light, Speaker, and logo as well. So I tried  some detailed variations of sensor locations and the position of the button. 











Refinement & Engineering 

3D printed models to refine surface and mechanical tolerances. 

Worked with engineers to find a best sensor layout such as a speaker and microphone has to be as far away as possible to perform properly, and also the IR flash is placed upper side of the ring button so that it won't be blocked when visitor push the button.











Welcoming UX

LED ring will glow when a visitor approaches to the doorbell to welcome people, and gently suggest to push the ring button. 









no separated wall mounting bracket which make it simple to install and reduce BOM cost a lot. Also, the protective cover easily snaps and secure with an anti-theft screw.












3 Colors​

Keeping the front panel black with IR link to keep sensors less visible with a simpler look.

Overall design intend was friendly design but with robust colors that visitors feel welcomed but also look solid that owners can trust to it for their home security.