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Cam : Essential Home

Detachable 360˚ Smart Cam  2019

Essential Home is the center of the connected home with other smart devices around. 

The Cam is the device that can be attached on Home with USB-C connector that extend its capability of seeing surroundings. 

Its ultra-wide angled camera observes an entire room, and 360˚ vision ensures you see the entire family during the call and keeps an eye on the dog while you are away.









Powerful Camera Module 

We wanted to utilize this ultra-wide camera module (360˚ camera module from Essential PH-1), because it was the most small module with 210˚ FoV 6K video stream.








Use Case

Define what are the major use cases. 






Camera Options

Explore different architectures of the Cam with pros and cons to make a high-level direction to move forward. 







I - Camera Angle & FoV Studies

Explored three different set ups with the camera team. During the study, we evaluate various aspects such as FoV, distortion rate, Image quality, and profile of the architectures. 






II - Camera Angle & Coverage Area Studies (Against Wall)

Measuring the active areas when it's placed against wall.  








Explored various types of form and evaluate how it looks on Home device in terms of proportions and the profile gestures.

After the camera studies and prototypes, we decided to move forward with low-profile architecture because of the aesthetic balance and better usability (almost 360˚)






Design Gestures

Different design gestures within the low profile architecture direction. Main agenda was to find a form that looks refined by itself, and also speaks same design language with Home device.