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Air  A Weekend Project (Jul 20 - Jul 22)


Air purifier  2018

Worked on a fun project by only spending a weekend.
The fun part of this project is that I have to make a quick design decisions within limited time, and see where it leads to.













Before I started the brainstorming, I asked my colleague to join the session. 

It was 2 hours brainstorming session, and I split into two sessions. (1 hr session before research / 1 hr session after research)

Starting with what air-purifiers can do and what it is, and then addressing problems.

While we were posting problems, we started to post opportunities and user experiencing ideas without judging. 

We had an hour pause and did some research on the air purifiers, and then aggressively throwing out ideas onto ideas and UX areas.

And lastly, we spend 30 mins go over post-its and distilled insights out of it.


• With better understanding of user and home circumstance, makes better air purifier.

• Air purifier is not a oxygen generator, people must open windows regularly to keep good air quality. (Smart Air Assistant)

• Either Portability or Modular is necessary for a demanding area.

• Perceiving as a home decorative object.

Research - Sketches - Mood Board - Refinement

Move onto market research and study about internal structures of air purifier

For tall tower-like archetype, air flow from bottom to top; and for boxy archetype flows from back to front.

It turns out that bottom to top air flow has better air circulation performance. 

Base on the foundations of brainstorming and research, I started to do quick sketches with envisioning aesthetics with a mood board. 








Final Design

It has a minimal form with all white ABS plastic to imply clean and fresh air. 

Unlikely other air purifiers, I tried to design this product to perceived as an art object by removing physical buttons, excessive LED lights, and silkscreens. 
​​​​​​​For the top fan grill, it has undulated concave pattern which represent soft and purified wind. 











Minimal Control

Since the LED screen with touch sensor is behind of the plastic cover, it offers soft and warm glow.

Since all detail information and controls are embedded into the app, the air purifier object itself only contains minimal yet intuitive manner. 



If there is unacceptable level of VOCs or CO2, it will alert through the LED screen and also to the app.











Room to Room

Most of air purifier cannot cover whole area of home, therefore handle on the back allows you to take it anywhere.